Our children’s classes incorporate both our Kickboxing, Judo, and Jujitsu styles, training them in both “stand-up” and ground fighting. The format for these classes is extremely rewarding to the children in several ways.

(1) Foremost, the children have fun in class. Among other skills, they are taught to and encouraged to grapple in class. How many times have you had to caution your child about wrestling at home for fear they would hurt themselves or damage your home or furniture?

(2) Children learn discipline and other qualities that make martial arts training a plus. Studies show that children training in the martial arts have improved behavior, better grades in school, increased self esteem, and other benefits, also.

(3) The format for these classes was designed by our head instructor, James Corbett, who is a Doctor of Education with over 13 years of experience teaching children of a wide range of ages in Georgia’s public schools. Dr. Corbett stresses that children in this martial arts program develop a positive attitude towards dealing with aggression, especially in situations away from home.

The parent of a new student once approached Sensei (Dr.) Corbett. He, to Sensei’s surprise, excitedly told him that his child’s behavior has changed for the positive. The child had become focused on the positive aspects of the martial arts and had become a much better student in school.

Our child students progress through the belt ranks in this manner: Kickboxing and Jujitsu; first in Kickboxing, then in Jujitsu. For example, a child will first earn a Yellow Belt in Kickboxing and then a Yellow Belt with a stripe (indicating mastery of that level in both styles). Our Judo program follows the belt ranks as indicated for children through the Judo standards and these are awarded seperately than the Kickboxing and Jujitsu belts.

You’ve probably been thinking about having your child train in the Martial Arts for a long time. Bring your child in for a free week of training, with absolutely no obligation.

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