Josh Taylor Teaches BJJ in China

VMAC instructor Josh Taylor is on a business trip to China for several months. Yesterday he emailed back some news:

“Got to work out with a local gym yesterday. I feel really good there stand up is more fluid than mine for offense but I feel their defense is very sloppy and they have ( 0 ) ground game I mean none. They know some judo throws transition to an arm bar but they didn’t even know how to finish the arm bar. Its about to be BJJ city in this place haha. I put on a pretty good show about 20 people stopped working out to watch me give a BJJ lesson to the instructor. I didn’t show off or anything I was very humble and slow I think i did a good job not embarrassing him while displaying my skills.”

Josh is an instructor at Valdosta Martial Arts Center and a MMA judge with the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission and the International Sport Combat Federation.

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