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Training at Valdosta Martial Arts Center is the most reasonably priced full-time martial arts school in the Valdosta/Lowndes Area. Currently, it costs adults less than one dollar ($1.00) per class available to them to train.

Valdosta Martial Arts Center is located at 109 West Central Avenue in downtown Valdosta, Georgia. Our phone number is 912.245.VMAC (8622).
Valdosta Martial Arts Center is a mixed martial arts school featuring training and belt rankings in both MYB Kickboxing and Shin Shin Jujitsu. MYB Kickboxing is a type of martial art that includes sport striking methods like blocks, punching, body shifting, and sport kicking. Shin Shin Jujitsu, a form of submission fighting, is a grappling martial arts featuring takedowns and groundfighting combined with self defense striking, such as knees, elbows, and leg kicks. Both Kickboxing and Jujitsu are innovative systems of self defense. Cadio-Kickboxing, an aerobic type of martial art, is also taught at Valdosta Martial Arts Center. Judo has been recently added to the Saturday morning class schedule. The traditional aspects of the martial arts including respect, self discipline, and teamwork have been preserved and are practiced in all of these martial arts.

You’ve probably been thinking about training in the Martial Arts for a long time. Come try a week FREE on us, with absolutely no obligation. Simply email, call, or come visit to schedule an appointment.

Continue following the linked subpages to find out more about VMAC. If you would like to know our schedule and meeting sites, please email us by clicking the “Email” button below.

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