Father and Son to Fight At Summer Heat

A tradition as old as time: The father training the son in the ways of war. Then, going off to war together to defend their homes, land, and country.

At Bud Light’s Summer Heat, the tradition continues as a father and son pair are participating in Bud Light’s Summer Heat. Shawn Snow, father, and Justin Lestekoff, son, are set to enter the cage this Saturday evening.

All the fans, please note that they are NOT fighting each other. This is not Ken and Frank Shamrock for crying out loud.

Seriously, Snow and Lestekoff train at Valdosta Martial Arts Center. Snow is a professional fighter and this Lestekoff’s amateur debut.

Snow is set to fight William Vivar. Vivar is from nearby Douglas, GA. He and Snow have fought some of the same opponents. So, this match is compelling for that reason.

Follows is some video of Vivar fighting.
YouTube Preview Image

Justin “Graham Cracker” Lestekoff is new to MMA training. He did wrestle at Lowndes High School for several years. He is now a student at Valdosta State University.

Fans will be excited to see the father and son pair go to war and defend their team’s and family’s honor at Bud Light’s Summer Heat. Bud Light’s Summer Heat is a professional and amateur MMA event to be held on June 25th at Mathis City Auditorium. The doors will open at 6 pm. This event will feature amateur title matches and a host of regional and local athletes. Ticket information can be found here. The after fight party will be held at Rock N Rodeo. Food and drinks at the event will be served by Sonny’s Real Pit BBQ. The event is sanctioned by the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission and co-sanctioned by the International Sport Combat Federation. The card is subject to change.

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